About us

Our design philosophy is simple, we simply want to surround ourselves with charming everyday products in lasting quality. Our style is uncomplicated, warm and humorous. We say that Pablo Picasso: “God invented the giraffe, the elephant, the cat. He has no real style. He just goes on trying things” … a bit like us.

Tove Trydal (left)

Worked as a designer, design manager and marketing manager at Høie over a period of ten years. Later she worked as a designer for Nordicform where she designed bedding, blankets, pillows, curtains and porcelain for TuriForm and Borås Cotton.


Grethe Bjørk (right)

Ran for many years the award winning retro shop Harry Camping in Stavanger. She has redesigned clothing under the brand Harry Camping, been a costume designer for several films, and designed clothing collections that have been screened at Oslo Fashion Week.